A.J. Yearnshire Plumbing

Supply and fit Autostopcock the automatic flood prevention device, easily fitted to pipework near your Stopcock, this device protects your home from the horrors of flooding, just think if you leave home to go out for the day and you have a burst pipe or leave the bath running, the autostopcock will automatically detect that water has been left running for more than 45 minutes and will shut the water supply off, that's got to be better than the water running for a full day or even worse 2 weeks when you are on holiday. Take a look at www. Autostopcock.co.uk today, and give us a call and we will be happy to give you a quote for supplying and fitting Autostopcock.

At A. J Yearnshire, Plumbing and Heating Engineers of Amble, here in Northumberland, we offer a complete service to all our customers and can organise all the relevant trades required to complete your job from start to finish - electrician, roofer, Oftec registered Commissioning Engineer.