A M Gas & Plumbing

Call for Boiler Repair, Heating Repair, Boiler Replacement, Powerflush, Central Heating repairs to leaking taps, burst pipes shower installation bathroom suit change installation leaking overflows drainage problems for a no fuss response. Problem solving is my speciality

Much can be gained or lost through end user operation so user friendly controls help you get the most out of your installation as well as instruction on how to get the best out of your system whether new or pre existing. I fit bathrooms but use a specialist in tiling known to me for many years.

A M Gas Plumbing strives to achieve high levels of professional service offering installations service and repair at reasonable cost. I aim to give you comfort with energy effiency. No one wants the inconvenience of boiler repair. I understand this and aim to get your boiler up and running as efficiently as possible. Usually for around £120 + parts occasionally for as little as £60.00 + parts. You can minimise the need for boiler repair through annual servicing. I supply this service.