AJR Heating & Plumbing

AJR Heating highly recommend installing Worcester Bosch boilers due to their reliability, affordability and design. There are so many leading brands on the market and with the current economic climate, customers are more inclined to go for a cheaper brand. Whatever your price range, we can assist you in making the right choice.

The majority of boiler manufacturers require 22 mm pipe work from the meter to the appliance (bigger gas supply) or even 28mm. This would also be another factor you may have to consider if you have laminated flooring. Also condensing boilers produced condensation which has to terminate at a drain.

All radiators installed by AJR Heating come with thermostatic radiator valves also known as TRV’S. These control the temperature of an individual room by regulating the flow of hot water to the radiator. This significantly reduces running cost, helps reduce Co2 emissions, and enables greater control over your room temperature.