Bathrooms Complete

Today the bathroom has become our sanctuary; the one place we can truly unwind and escape from the day’s stresses, immersing ourselves in a total bathing relaxation experience. At Bathrooms Complete, we believe that the creation of a bathroom unique to you should be a stress-free experience. This is why we manage the complete project from start to finishing touch.

Choosing Bathrooms Complete means gaining access to the widest choice of bathroom products from the comfort of your own home, together with expert service – from our initial free design consultation through to complete installation. All with the assurance that Bathrooms Complete has over 20 years of industry experience.

I have always been very self-motivated with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and so it was at this point, with my 7 years experience, that I decided to go it alone and Bathrooms Complete was born. 14 years on and the company has gone from strength to strength, with customer recommendation being the key to success.

Quality, design and detail is what drives me in my work. I love the challenge of understanding my customer’s requirements, guiding them through the design process and translating that into the finished article. I get an amazing sense of satisfaction turning customer’s thoughts and ideas into reality – it’s so rewarding!