Berriman Heating & Plumbing

Nowadays, with the price of gas ever rising, many people are replacing their old boilers with one of the modern, cheaper to run, more environmentally friendly boilers. When you invite us to give you a quotation for a new boiler we will come to your home and discuss your requirements ~ The choice of model and the siting of a condensing boiler can be a complicated matter and we will take time to talk this through with you and answer any questions you have. We will also tell you about any other measures which could help reduce your future gas bills.

All new boiler installations require a certificate which is called a 'Notification of Compliance with Building Regulations'. We are qualified to 'self certify' all our new boiler installations in accordance with this law which we do free of charge. Without this certificate a householder would run into legal difficulties when selling the property. The local authority Building Inspection Dept would charge approx Ј300 for inspecting and issuing these certificates.