Central Scotland Heating

Why wait until your gas boiler breaks down to call out an engineer? Emergency Repairs to boilers can be expensive and not only leave you and your family without hot water and heating, but in some cases may even be a danger. Gas Boilers should be serviced annually not only for maintenance but also for safety and to help keep those fuel bills down. As a dirty boiler is an inefficient boiler!

Call Central Scotland Heating to arrange your boiler service. While we're there, we'll be checking that your central heating system is working as safely and efficiently as possible and if there's any repairs required, we'll highlight them and work out the best way ahead with you.

Central Scotland Heating offer a free quotation for installation or replacement of your gas boiler, as well as offer independent advice as to which boiler best suits your requirements. We only recommend those manufacturer's who's products have a proven record of reliability.

Central Scotland Heating are able to 'self certificate' every boiler we install, saving you time and saving you money by eliminating the requirement for building authorities to visit to make their own very expensive independent assessment on the installation.