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Thermal Imaging or Thermography using special infrared cameras is used by our plumbing specialists to detect and measure the thermal energy that is being released from objects. The camera detects this heat and converts it into a signal which is then produced in the form of an image on a monitor. Thermal Imaging allows our plumbers to perform temperature calculations and analyse heat efficiency in a way that was never previously possible.

The majority of modern UFH systems are warm water systems, which integrate high tech plastic pipe either within or just below the floor. Normally, water at a temperature of 47-62°C is circulated through this pipe and this warms the floor to a surface temperature of 25-28°C, about the same temperature as the palm of your hand.

The heat generated by radiators is transferred from a small surface area far hotter than the space it is heating. By comparison, UFH transfers heat from a very large surface area, which is only slightly warmer than the room.