EGP Gas & Plumbing Services

Everyone wants to do their bit for the planet and the Island in particular, certainly that is the hope of Eco Gas & Plumbing Services (EGP), Mick McLaughlin who launched it in 2008. EGP offers a full heating Gas Appliance and Plumbing service to residents and businesses alike. EGP offers an environmental solution on new systems and undertakes repairs to existing systems. We also offer gas safety checks and servicing for existing systems and gas appliances - both natural gas and LPG alike. Whether it's a completely new system or making an old system as efficient as possible.

Eco Gas & Plumbing Services is one of only a few qualified island operations to offer a full range of options from LPG (Calor Gas) & natural gas, through to new 'renewable energy' options such as heat pump, solar & ground source. EGP also recycles old pipe work and boilers are removed were possible to minimise the environmental impact of installing new systems.

EGP renewable energies and increasing efficiencies in existing systems in order to reduce customers fuel bills and meet the growing interest in more environmentally options. EGP prides itself on offering excellent customer service and is an Approved Business on The Isle of Wight Trading Standard Buy with Confidence. All work has a guarantee and we offer maintenance contracts for all your boiler and plumbing needs.