Evenflow Plumbing

Evenflow Plumbing began trading in 1999. Jonathan Garrard, the proprietor, has been apprenticed to a well established plumber and gas engineer, and completed NVQ Plumbing Training, ACS Gas Training, and numerous specialist courses.His competence and time served experience can be relied upon.

Evenflow has worked extensively in the Waveney Valley since 1999 and relocated to Norwich in 2006. From 2007 to 2009, we designed and installed a complete heating, hot water and plumbing system for Laurel Lodge Residential Home, for senior citizens, in Norwich. The proprietor of this establishment would be glad to provide a suitable testimonial as to the continued success, efficiency and streamlining of energy use that this has resulted in. Evenflow continues to provide call out service to various residential homes, including Stubbs House in Loddon.

Gas Safe registry is a legal requirement to work on any gas appliance or installation. It ensures that rigorous and comprehensive training and examination is carried out before any operative can work in this industry. That means the customer's safety is our foremost concern, and gas installation and servicing is of the highest standard. Nowadays, energy efficiency is high on the agenda, and customers can be sure that a Gas Safe registered engineer can provide the best advice and practice in this field.