Flame FX

Flame FX ltd is owned and run by David Guy, he is a family man who has been a plumber for over 20 years. Like most plumbers, Dave started an apprenticeship with a plumbing firm shortly after graduating from collage.

Dave learnt one key lesson in his years of working for a variety of plumbing companies big and small. The only way the company will thrive is to live and work by the values of honesty and integrity. So with this in mind David set off to start Flame FX ltd, years of building his trusty team and reputation. Flame FX has now been in trading for over 10 successful years and them core values has stuck with him throughout.

Flame FX ltd are a London based plumbing and heating specialists who know there stuff! We aim to always be competitive on price and never cut corners, we deal with a multitude of clients from house wife's to national sporting areas. Flame FX ltd understands the importance of each job from a leaky pipe to the full installation of a heating and plumbing system.

We have many ongoing contracts with properties in the residential and commercial sectors. We do not believe in selling monthly maintenance charges for a "just encase" scenario arises, but we do understand the importance in having regular maintenance inspections.