GW Plumbing & Heating

We've had two very cold winters in succession. Is your central heating up to the task? We can completely overhaul your central heating, giving you the best temperatures over the winter to come. Is your heating system meeting current safety standards? Are you putting youself or your family at risk by not having your central heating tested? We can test and certify your heating appliances as safe and put your mind at rest.

Underfloor heating is by far the best way to maintain a good even temperature throughout a room without having unsightly radiators cluttering up the walls. Ideal in a conservatory so you can keep using it as an extra room no matter how cold the weather outside. So much easier to clean than a normal bathroom or shower, a wet room can be a stylish alternatie to an en-suite bathrom. Ideal for throwing the kids in and hosing them down.

A new kitchen can not only greatly improve your home, but can also be more productive, and above all safer. Old kitchen units can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and sub-standard plumbing can cause kitchen equipment to malfunction. Allow us to completely overhaul your kitchen, and you'll be amazed how much difference it will make.

Lead flashing and guttering can be a real problem in the British environment. Water seeping through badly fitting flashing around a chimney is one of the leading causes of damp in older properties. Why not get it professionally checked out and repaired before you have to pay an even larger bill to have the bedroom ceiling repaired?