HGS Plumbing, Gas & Heating

At HGS Plumbing and Heating we understand how crucial it is that everything in your home runs as smoothly as possible. We have made it our mission to ensure that when things go wrong we’re there to put it right. Whether you need a new bathroom installed, repairs to your boiler or central heating, or just need some general plumbing work done, we have the skills and the tools to get it done.

Whether you’re installing a new bathroom or overhauling the old one, our tradesmen and women have the experience, skills and tools to give you a comprehensive, professional bathroom installation service. With our wide range of products and suppliers we can provide you with whatever fixtures, fittings or sanitary ware you need, while offering advice on how to use the space you have effectively. All aspects of the project will be handled in-house, managed by our senior engineer, so you know your bathroom will be in good hands.

When you buy a new property it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting for your money. The last thing you want is to shell out the cash for a new home only to discover all sorts of surprise maintenance work that needs doing once you’ve moved in. This is why it’s a good idea to have an expert opinion on hand to let you know exactly what you’re getting into when considering buying a new home.