About the Business

If you are curious as to how much we charge, it would be good for you to know that our rates are competitive yet affordable for everybody. It is not necessary to spend thousands of pounds to receive quality service with us.

You are looking for a Liverpool handyman that can do the job: that is us! Finding local contractors is not always straightforward but with our services, one call is enough to get everything that you need for your home. No need to ask for any more handyman quotes as we have got the right price for you.

The factors that we consider are your requirements, budget and other criteria, then we offer a solution to achieve your home improvement goals in the least amount of time possible.

As a general handyman, we can provide you with house maintenance services that cover most important aspects of your home such as floors, walls, plumbing, lighting, and so on. A better, prettier home is only one call away!

Location & Hours

44 Esmond Street

Liverpool, L6 5AZ
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