Pete's plumbing

We are a family run business that has got over 25 years experience in providing full range of plumbing and heating services in West Midlands and Shropshire area.

This website is dedicated to our East Anglian part of business - Pete's plumbing. The original business CSJ Plumbing was set over 25 years ago in Telford - Shropshire and is still running there as a It's "Plumbin' Grate" and C P Plumbing & Heating. Together with the growth of the company it was decided to enlarge area of work to West Midlands. Recently (as the next - third generation of the family made the decisions of taking up on the new challenges) Pete's plumbing was founded and in 2012 our working area was extended and we started providing our services in East Anglia (Suffolk, South Norfolk and North Essex area.).

As a family business we are determined to provide the best service possible. That is why our engineers are the most important part of our company. They are first that our customers come to contact with.