Plumbing Medic

It doesn't look like much of a drip, and it causes no problems because it goes down the drain. For a change, put the plug in and see how quickly the basin fills up, then consider how much water is wasted daily, and sometimes hourly, then consider how much it is going to cost you on your metered water bills. And if your not metered, have some thought for the environment.

This is mould caused by a small leak from a pipe. It is unhealthy for you and can cause very expensive repair bills if left to continue. Your biggest investment is your home, look after it. A repair in the early stages will very quickly dry up and can be cleaned up with ease, but leave it to develop and you could be left with repair bills in the hundreds and sometimes thousands.

Winter is on its way and if it is anything like the last two winters who knows what could happen. This is an image of the damage frost does to pipes. The first sign of water no longer running contact Plumbing Medic before they defrost.

It is true that nothing lasts forever, but when it comes to shower valves that doesn't always have to be so. The main thing to go wrong with mixer showers is the thermostatic cartridge, and in all honesty there is very little more to them. Depending on the valve, they are not always cheap, but they are much cheaper than a new valve. The oldest valve I have repaired was 34 years old.