Plumbspares Wholesale

Modern boilers are often more energy efficient that older systems, so if you are interested in cutting your bills and helping the environment, then contact us.

Above and beyond energy savings, when you choose PlumbSpares Plumbing & Heating you choose experienced engineers that can help you choose the right boiler for your family and your home. You want a heating system that is correctly rated (too powerful can be every bit as bad as underpowered - you want home comfort with a steady temperature, not a furnace cycling on and off unnecessarily), and can provide the amount of hot water you require.

Annual boiler servicing is a wise precaution, we can ensure that your current system is operating to the best of its ability, ensure against carbon monoxide leaks and prolong the lifespan. Regular maintenance can also help prevent a system breakdown which can be expensive and never welcome. No matter what type of boiler your household has our team of experts can quickly diagnose and repair your boiler using genuine manufacturer components and parts, all our work is guaranteed.