Q Bytheway

Our widely acknowledged expertise has allowed us the privilege of working in some of our most important heritage buildings including numerous churches, stately homes, historic municipal buildings and scheduled monuments; not to mention countless beautiful private residences.

Plumbing and heating installation has been our mainstay for many years and still employs our skills frequently; however, our passion for leadwork and historic buildings has always inspired us. It takes many years, great patience and perseverance to learn the skills of a craftsman but once mastered, a highly skilled leadworker becomes a true artisan.

The UK has a rich and wonderful history, much of which can be attributed to its magnificent buildings; many of these buildings are protected and preserved with the help of trusts and conservation bodies such as English Heritage and the National Trust. Without this assistance much of our heritage would be lost; we are proud to have worked with these organisations on many occasions and have helped preserve some of our most important buildings.

Lead roofing, lead weatherings, lead flashings and lead cladding are the most commonly employed aspects of our specialist leadworking capabilities; however, our workshop also manufactures ornamental leadwork including lead rainwater pipes and fittings, lead hopper heads, cast lead ornaments and decorative leadwork such as lead finials and lead planters.