R F Henderson

For more than a decade the company has delivered maintenance and capital works programs for over twenty Social Landlords and is now a very experienced provider and having successfully expanded in to delivering the same services to the commercial property sector covers the entire spectrum of heating, plumbing and associated HVAC systems. We became recognised for our rapid response, flexibility and ability to cope with customer demands and based on the original engineering background we are able to provide solutions and services effectively and efficiently to the Domestic, Commercial, Retail, Financial and Industrial Sector.

Throughout its 34 year history RFH has retained its customer base and delivered controlled growth through recessions and constantly evolving regulations, many of our employees have been with the business since its creation which we believe is testament to not only the service we provide but the continuous training and high value of our employees. Based on a sound financial background, technical ability and a history of excellent service to our clients we aim to realise our ambition of being respected by all our clients, suppliers, competitors and employees.