SDP Plumbing & Heating

As well as boiler repairs and central heating installation, at SDP Plumbing & Heating Services we also provide a variety of general plumbing services to keep your property's plumbing in fully working order.

From leaking pipes and dripping taps to blocked drains and burst water mains, we are on hand to assist. No job is too big or small and we will provide a prompt and affordable repair service.

Don't put off having repairs to your plumbing made; delaying these repairs can result in further, more severe damage to your property. Call our experienced team in Kent today and we can provide a free quotation before visiting you to complete the repairs.

An efficient and fully functioning central heating system is vital in ensuring your home remains heated and comfortable. If you are having any issues with your central heating, don't delay having it repaired. Delaying repairs to your central heating can result in further, more serious damage down the line. This in turn can end up costing you more than if you'd addressed the original issue.