Tara Maintenance

You may have a clear vision of the beautiful bathroom you would like us to install, we might be able to help you find the best fittings to make your dream work. More often, however, we use our artistic creativity, product expertise and practical experience to suggest entirely new layouts to rooms. Meeting your requirements in ways you never thought possible. It is a major event in your life, but we do bathrooms and house renovations on a daily basis, this is just what we do. We regularly create new wet rooms, bathrooms and ensuites in parts of a home where none previously existed: this involves building control approval, which we will arrange.

There are many ways to achieve a good shower and make a wet room. The challenge is to make the best use of the space in what is often a small room. You will want a room that looks wonderful, is easy to clean and maintain, easy to use with clever cupboard space and is water tight. If you do not want to squeeze a tiny shower cubicle into an already tiny room and then try to wash yourself in a space that is too small for you to bend over, then a wet room might be the solution. Wetrooms make the most of space and enable whole families to shower together! Mums with small children know this is convenient.