Thames Drains

Thames Drains is one of the first local drainage companies to receive the prestigious ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certification. This is the national standard that is administered for quality management by the Underwriters Lab.

The internationally recognised ISO certification ensures Quality management, excellent customer Service and products that live up to only the highest standards.

Being certified means that Thames Drains meet precise specifications that are continually appraised by an external body and are subject to ongoing and continuous improvement which, in the end, will maximise customer satisfaction.

Thames Drains are fast becoming widely known for their expertise and efficiency in the NO-DIG area of problem drains. This new technology for repairing drains without the upheaval of digging is catching on fast around the UK as it gives minimal interference to the general running of operations and your home environment. Drain relining is the answer to your problems.

Thames Drains has recently invested a substantial amount in new high-tech equipment. This enables us to dewater sludge from both sewerage treatment plants and septic tanks. The dewater sludge when turned to dry solids is only 23% of the original quantity.