Toasty Warm Plumbing Supplies

Toasty warm is a Gas and Heating company based in Sale South Manchester. As a company we specialise in Gas and Heating Services with technicians highly trained by either British Gas or to City and Guilds 6012 level. The director of operations is David Moss. We take the concept of customer service very seriously because we know that if we have no customers we have no business. Sadly the image of tradesmen has suffered a lot over the recent years mainly due to consumer programmes on the TV.

Consider this story. A Lady calls a plumber, water is pouring from her boiler. Plumber calls around and fixes the boiler, charges a reasonable amount and then leaves. Well the truth is that is what it is like most of the time but that does not make very good television. I know a lot about TV having worked at Granada Television and within the film and television industry for over ten years. Ironically we used to call the process of making TV - Twenty Five lies per second.