Waltham Plumbing Supplies

At Waltham Plumbing Supplies, our mission is to give companies large and small and private individuals, the very best advice, care and level of service. We believe that by working together we can bring you an unparalleled level of quality, service and satisfaction. In today's economic climate, we believe it vital that people work together - to solve problems and achieve common goals. It is perhaps for this reason that we believe that a business relationship with Waltham Plumbing Supplies can make all the difference to you.

The founder of Waltham Plumbing Supplies explains the reasons behind the company's success are, "because we have worked hard to meet and exceed our client expectations, we have tried to avoid falling into the same trap of so many other plumbing supply companies. Instead of offering a standard service at a standard price we work individually with each client - and tailor a solution that fits exactly". It is very important for us that our customers have a company upon whom they can rely to act quickly and professionally supplying the correct skills as they are needed".