I need some bathroom jobs to be done in a Victorian, terraced house. The works are:

- Tiles to be removed from walls (around 6 square meters in total). Tiles to be disposed of, as I will replace them with new tiles.
- Shower screen and shower tray to be removed and kept. The shower is 1.40m W and 0.90m D, probably 8cm high.
- The shower is in the corner of the bathroom, so there are two glass screens plus the glass door.
- MOST IMPORTANT JOB: inspection of waste pipes from the shower. I suspect they are either too narrow or badly placed. There have been leakings in the past.
- Exploration of the problem with waste pipes. Modifying and replacing accordingly (I am conscious this will depend on what actually lies under the shower tray.
- Exploring whether the plasterboard and walls behind the shower tiles have been built correctly. Repair if necessary.
- Upon analysis and work with pipes, replacing the shower tray and shower screens. These might be new ones (I still haven't decided).

No re-tiling is needed as the decorator will do that job when everything else has been done. I understand that the shower screen might not be installed before the tiling is done, so we will have to co-ordinate timings for that.

I hope all this is clear. I appreciate that a concrete quote might not be possible at this stage, but I'm mostly looking for an approximative calculation of costs, including daily rates and the rough estimate of time for completion.

Many thanks!