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Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe your old bathroom has seen better days and it needs refitting. Maybe you have room to fit an en-suite bathroom or shower room. Or maybe you’re extending and have room for an extra WC.

All these plumbing jobs have their challenges, and an experienced well qualified plumber will take away the worry of whether the job will end up looking as good as you imagined when you started planning.

And be sure to employ a properly qualified professional. Ever heard of the couple who bought a new bathroom suite with a close coupled toilet, only to find that the tank sat 3 inches away from the wall? Also, we recently came across a thermostatic shower that was properly connected to hot and cold water but didn’t keep it’s temperature because it hadn’t been set up properly.

There’s a huge range of gas fires and we can help you to choose one that’s going to be right for your room. We can fit fires in unusual locations and can advise on safety requirements. Fancy one of those room centre fires? It can be done but it has to be done right. That’s where we can help. Whether you have an unusual request, or your needs are straightforward like most of our customers, we have the solutions. Get in touch for a free no obligation estimate.