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Dealing with plumbing issues at home has never been easy. Usually, you will find yourself in need of the professional help and assistance of an experienced plumber in Andover. However, not all plumbing issues are that hard to deal with and sometimes you can totally go without a professional service of a plumber in Andover. In such cases when you prefer to DIY the project instead of calling a professional plumber in Andover, you still need some additional tips and tricks on how to deal with the issues. Therefore, today we provide you with a few great and very handy tips as shard by a professional plumber in Andover.

Tip by a Pro Plumber in Andover: Stop Sink-Sprayer Hang-Ups

As a professional plumber in Andover will do, you can totally use pipe insulation in order to prevent sprayer snarls. In case you have to jiggle the hose every time you pull out your kitchen sink sprayer, a plumber in Andover would tell you that there is a high chance of this hose catching on the shutoff valves. Therefore, a professional plumber in Andover would use foam pipe insulation over the pipes and shutoff handles and you can do it too. This type of insulation is pretty cheap and works great in similar cases.

Tip by a Pro Plumber in Andover: Silence Creaking Pipes

If you have copper pipes at home, you would probably stumble upon this issues – the pipes will start expanding due to hot water and grind against pipe hangers and joists. What a professional plumber in Andover would do in this case is first removing each hanger and wrapping the pipe with strips of adhesive-backed felt before refastening the hanger. This will decrease the noise of creaking pipes for sure.

Tip by a Pro Plumber in Andover: Quiet the Loud Sink

A loud and noisy sink is a common reason people go to a professional plumber in Andover. However, every professional plumber in Andover would tell you that you can totally deal with the issues on your own and you don’t need the professional help of a plumber in Andover. What a pro plumber in Andover would do in this case is filling the space between two stainless steel sink basins with expanding foam. The foam will help to reduce the gong effect and decrease the vibrations.

Tip by a Pro Plumber in Andover: Drain Vacuum

Yep, this one may sound strange and not like a real tip by a plumber in Andover, but it definitely works. A professional plumber in Andover suggests using a wet/dry shop vacuum for sucking out the water along with hard objects that may plug the toilet or the drain. There are some plumbing situations when you definitely need the help of a pro plumber in Andover. However, some issues and projects are totally DIY-able, all you need is the expert tips of a pro plumber in Andover.